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Mind Parts

Mind PartsThe conscious mind functions on logic. Once you can logically know something, then you become a confirmed believer in it. Once the Conscious mind believes based on logic, then it can have a much greater influence on the Unconscious Mind.

Here is where pictures, affirmations and knowledge of what you want to achieve are handy. They help fix the Conscious mind on belief that a thing wanted can be done or had. The unconscious or subconscious mind does not distinguish truth or falsehood. All things are true to it.

The Conscious mind discriminates between truth and falsehood and once firmly convinced of a truth can alter the perceptions of the unconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, however, has a direct access to the Universal Ocean or Sea of Consciousness. All inspiration whether religious or scientific, comes from this Ocean of Consciousness that permeates all of reality. The Conscious mind can train the Subconscious to tap into that source of inspiration and make the formless take form.

The world, indeed, the universe, functions on Laws. We may not know what they are yet, but Cause and Effect, based on Universal principles or laws, is everywhere. If we understand how these universal Laws work, we can get the effect we want in life, by controlling the causes. The Conscious mind is the source of reason and understanding of these laws.

However, conscious mind functioning on erroneous belief will influence the subconscious mind to the disaster of the person. To succeed with good results, your conscious mind must understand correctly the universal Laws involved, become convinced of the possibilities, and in turn program the subconscious mind to achieve the results desired. Affirmations and pictures of the desired results concentrated upon are one means of programming the subconscious.

The reasoning mind gives us control over fate if used correctly and in harmony with the subconscious. Concentration by the reasoning mind the conscious mind, gives us control over the subconscious. If the conscious mind does not concentrate on desired and good results, it will still be focused on something, and that something will influence the subconscious in ways that may not be beneficial.

A conscious logical understanding of Universal Laws allows you to develop a programming that will work to your benefit. Unfortunately this is not only true of the individual but of the group "mind" as well. When groups work toward a goal concentrating their mind and energy upon it, the result is like having many subconscious minds working at once. What happens to you now is not always the result of just your own bad thinking when evil occurs, it can be the result of bad reasoning influencing the sub consciousness of an entire group, and bringing into reality something very bad indeed. This is why training not only yourself, but others as well, in the proper methods of thought, reasoning, and how to impress this upon the group subconscious is imperative.

The conscious mind must not only perceive what is wanted as a logically possible outcome, but the mind must also continually concentrate upon it. If the conscious mind does this the subconscious will use its infinite and extraordinary power to bring it into reality.

It will also do the same if what the mind is thinking upon is not beneficial. Hence, thoughts and programs continually bombarding children on TV about asteroid hits is a bad thing, it programs the group subconscious to bring about the thing which is feared. Rather the programming should be on how preventable and the ways we now have and how future methods can prevent such catastrophes.

You cannot be double minded, that is the conscious mind must entirely belief in the possibility, if unbelief is present, it will create conflict and the subconscious mind will not be programmed.

Again, both the subconscious and conscious mind need to be working together and in agreement.

Emotions are what activate to an even higher level the subconscious minds programming. Strong emotions, used consciously, in a reasonable way, increase the programming depth and speed.

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