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Successful Manifesting

Every part of the process of "manifesting" what you want in life is a combination of both hard and easy. How difficult or easy any part of it may be simply depends on your strength or weakness in that area. If you take each part that you struggle with as an opportunity for your own personal development then you stand a greater chance of increasing your manifesting ability.  

Meditation for ManifestingManifesting, therefore, is the development of your own soul into a divine being. It is not limited to simply getting things. If you lean to strength, the areas that block your ability to manifest, you will discover that those skills affect all areas of your life.

Change the Way You Think: Manifesting Can Then Be Easy

A. Wanting - The feeling that comes every time you complain that you do not yet have what it is you think you should have. When you engage in deep feelings of wanting you are sending out a distinct frequency to the universe which says that you do not have. The universe then reads this signal and returns it to you. You then subsequently get more wanting. What you desire never comes. Whatever you are feeling and focusing on right now will attract more into your life if you stop wanting, and instead, begin to feel yourself as already having.

B. Complaining - This will absolutely kill the positive energy that you have sent out for your desires. As you engage in complaining, gossiping and just worrisome thoughts you are doing so with great emotion and focus. In the process of complaining you are attracting more of the very conditions that you are complaining about.

C. Proper Faith - Faith is everything to the process of manifesting. If you are unable to believe that what you want is real and possible then all your efforts will be fruitless. What you desire and what you get will not be in alignment. Faith is something that must be worked on. It's not something that just happens there are ways of increasing your faith and you need to learn to apply them.

D. Inspired Action - Action is very much a part of the manifesting process. There is no rule for which action to take except to do what brings you most joy which is in alignment to what you want. Taking action sends a message to the universe that you are serious and intend to manifest what it is you are intending.

E. Proper Focus - This is very difficult for most people. Maybe you have read a good book and felt very inspired to change your life. You are filled with excitement and a great determination to do something about it, but as the day unfolds everything pulls at your attention. Your boss has a deadline for the report that you are working on, the stories on the news are pulling at you, the children, your spouse, your friends, and it all seems overwhelming. Before long you have forgotten what you really wanted to do. All your inspiration has left you. Weeks may go by, months may pass, and maybe even years and still you are no closer to your desires. Pay attention and stay focused.

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