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The Law of Attraction

You have often complained about your life. You have been dissatisfied with something or someone. Perhaps, you have even given that someone or condition the power to ruin your life.  You painfully labor over that person or thing for not being the way you want. Yet if you have a true desire to master the law of attraction in favor of enhancing your life then you know that your constant complaining only attracts to you more of those negative conditions which you complain about.

Keys to SuccessHow then do you handle the difficult parts of your life?

You must deal with them all in the most divine way, in the way that is in support of the law of attraction. Begin to know and believe that when you become a deliberate creator, everything which enters your life is intended to teach you something. Nothing is against you; everything is designed to take you higher. As long as you follow these two steps you can always be in the flow.

  • What is this here to teach me?
  • Make a list of all the positive possible outcomes.

You will discover that there are many positive outcomes. Probably you may even decide that you are happy that things went the way they did, even if they may have seemed quite negative in the beginning. Inside every negative condition is a gem. Most people don't look for the gem and so they miss out and remain in a state of worry, fear and anger. When you learn to live in the flow you let go of worry and just trust that something left your life because something better is coming along, or that you did not get something the way you thought you would because that's what is required for you to get it in the best way.

Law of Attraction & Belief SystemBeing in the flow means that you have learned to trust that the universe is working for you in every moment. Like trusting that you landed on this page because there was something very important for you to learn even if you were not consciously aware of it.

So, What's Missing from "Your" Law of Attraction?

A woman was walking her dog. In this case, the dog took the lead and when he decided to stop, his master stopped also. When he was ready to leave she followed behind him. The dog probably believes that he is in control and he is the one who is actually walking his master; as she also believes herself to be walking him. The same is true of the things we desire.

There is a fine line we cross when we engage in excessive wanting. We want what we want so desperately that we become a slave to what we want, and what we want begins to control our lives. What we want then becomes the master of us. We behave as if that particular thing is the only choice or the only way. As we hit very heavily in the same place we begin to contract and block the spiritual flow which should be working for us. To be a true master of your reality you must maintain a confident indifference to what you want.

To use the Law of Attraction to your advantage you must know what you want but also be willing to let go of it. You must trust whole heartedly that you are in control and your desires will orchestrate themselves perfectly to suite your needs, without you becoming miserable over them. Also know that there are many different choices that could bring you to similar or better circumstances. It's important to set the intention, do your part and let the divine orchestrate the rest.

It's important to develop a "set it and leave it" attitude. You set the intention like you would if you planted a seed. Then you would water it by connecting with it daily and taking inspired action. Then you trust by having full confidence enough to walk away and letting it go.

The Law of Attraction will honor your request if you are relaxed and confident of the creative process and know that everything will unfold perfectly. If you are tense it will only give you more conditions to remain tense.

Be confident with the full knowing that what you want is already yours and the Law of Attraction will surround you with your desires at the best time.

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