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Electronic Voice Phenomena: Talking to Ghosts

EVP soundwaveElectronic Voice Phenomena, also known as EVP, is a way to communicate with spirits. It is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on a recording tape, in radio station noise and other electronic media.

The Fox sisters were the first persons who attempted the earliest form of spirit communication called spirit rapping. That was in 1848. It has been said that also Thomas Alva Edison was working on an EVP device and he believed that it might be possible to capture disembodied voices with a machine. He thought that if spirits could be captured on film, they could be reached electronically.

The main idea is that spirits might have an easier time manipulating white, chaotic noise to some order rather than being able to move objects around.

Over the years, scientists and other persons have attempted experiments with dual-reel tape recorders that were very big and bulky. For whatever reason, they did not get the results they wanted.

Today, with a variety of updated and improved electronic equipment at our disposal, there might be an easier, more effective way to communicate with ghosts. EVP voices are not heard during the recording, only on playback. Sometimes amplification and noise filtering is required to hear the voices. Usually, spirits “speak” in short, cryptic and sometimes grammatically incorrect phrases. Sometimes the voices sound natural and sometimes they sound mechanical. Sometimes just one or two voices are heard, and at other times, a multitude of them can be heard.

There are still tape recorders running the micro cassettes or standard tapes. It is believed by some that you will get a better sound quality with a digital recorder and have the ability to download it to your computer as well.

There are various ways to attempt to record EVP voices. You can turn a recorder on and leave it running but some serious researchers employ sensitive microphones, amplifiers and high quality tape. Others ask questions and leave a tape running to capture answers that are inaudible during taping, but audible on playback.

Some EVP messages are exceptionally clear and loud and sometimes the words seem to be in a sing- song or melodic pattern.

Researchers categorize the quality of EVP messages as follows:

Class A -- easily understood by almost anyone and it is also usually the loudest and clearest EVP. Usually only this category of voice signals are captured by the beginner.

Class B -- characterized by warping of the voice in certain syllables. It is the most common type of EVP.

Class C -- characterized by excessive warping. They are the lowest in volume. Sometimes they are hard to understand.

EVP has been around for years and we are only now beginning to really understand how it works. We can say that EVP is the voice of the dead. It is thought that ghosts surround us every day and that they can be anywhere. They may show up in order to console, guide and watch over their loved ones or to communicate a specific message. They want to be acknowledged and will go to different lengths to get that attention. If you want to talk to the ghost you could try any type of recorder. You need to keep working at it to get a response. Talk to the ghosts wherever you are trying to get EVP, ask them to talk to you. Be considerate and respectful. You will find that ghosts will begin to talk to you and may give you messages if you want them to.

The best aspect of EVP is that the voices sometimes respond directly to the persons making the recording. The quality, volume and durations of recordings are said to be increased by using a sound source placed within audible distance of the microphone during recording. They are rarely simple messages but often are fragments and sounds that require hours of listening to understand. “Ghost hunters” believe that simply leaving a tape recorder running and walking away from it is enough to prove that there are real ghosts recorded on their tapes. The interpretation of such recordings may differ from listener to listener; some listeners may hear nothing at all, while others report hearing specific phrases or sentences.

One of the really nice things about EVP is that anyone can attempt it and also it is a fascinating, mysterious phenomenon.

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