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Dream Analysis

Have you ever written yourself a letter in which you unload your concerns, worries, hopes and deep-felt thoughts? Perhaps not. But, some psychiatrists and doctors probably would applaud the practice as therapeutic in the quest for self-awareness.

Each time you enter the world of dreams, you are, in essence, writing yourself such a letter. Your subconscious mind, without the distractions of the day, puts your life, your feelings, your emotions, your hopes and your plans all together. All the insight you could hope for is right there, ripe for analyzing.

Examining your dreams will give you all of the insight and inspiration you need. You'll return again and again to your dreams to give you the answers you seek.

Dream Analysis: Emotions

First, it helps to understand that what occurs in our minds when we are fully asleep is reflective of the emotions and thoughts we have while fully awake, granted sometimes they suffer in translation, but our emotions are certainly at the root. The basic feelings make their way from our consciousness to our unconsciousness.

The difference is that when we are awake, we are too distracted to stop and examine the condition of our psyche, something that often isn't in as good working order as it should be.

Troublesome Dreams: Lifestyle Check
If you're having particularly troublesome dreams, you can discern that you need to take a good long look at your lifestyle. Are you too busy? Are you being pulled in too many directions? Is there something in your life which is more bothersome to you than you gave it credit? Try to work some time into your day that's all about relaxing, whether it's yoga, golf, walking, reading, whatever you can do to give your brain a break.

People Dreams: Pay Attention
Other times our dreams let us know that we simply need to start paying more attention to certain people in our lives that we may be taking for granted. If we dream about a relative we haven't seen in a while, we should give them a call. If we dream about starting an argument with our spouse, we should give them a little more attention than usual. Many times, our proverbial "guilty conscience" knows only one way to reach us, and that's while we are asleep.

Trauma & Dreams: Healing Process

Another very interesting way dreams help us is in the healing process after a traumatic experience. Following such an occurrence, we will often dream about the tragedy itself, or of something equally morbid. It's our mind's way of comprehending what has happened. The dreams will eventually stop all together, as soon as your subconscious has come to terms with the event(s).

Sometimes it helps to discuss your dreams with others. If you think your dreams are trying to tell you something in particular, discuss it with someone. An outside opinion can often put things in perspective.

When you take an honest look at your life and at your typical day, it will be obvious what your dreams are trying to tell you. Most people miss out on so much because they discard their dreams and forget all about them.

Instead, you should listen to what your subconscious mind is telling you.

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