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Topaz has a unique crystal structure which makes it a very hard and dense gemstone. Pure clear Topaz, in fact, has often been mistaken for Diamond because of their similar density, clarity and hardness.

Its crystalline formation allows the gem to hold an electric charge for over 24 hours. You can charge a topaz by rubbing it with your fingers. Heating it then allowing the topaz to cool slowly builds an electrified charge greater than achieved with any other stones. Also, the stone will retain that energy for more than a day after cooling down.

Most of the topaz found is in its purest form, clear color, which is often referred to as silver or white topaz. Blue and green are the rarest colors. However, most commercial blue topaz are actually clear crystals that have been irradiated then heat treated to create the beautiful color you see. Golden or imperial topaz is the second most common variety. These stones usually contain chromium and are heat treated to bring out a rose to pink hue in the gem. Pink topaz does occur naturally more often than the rare blues. It's always wise to ask your jeweler if the stones you are considering buying have been treated to enhance their color. Topaz crystals terminate in a variety of ways: dome shapped, pyramid shaped, prismatic or tabular. Oftentimes, they come with striations.

Throughtout history, topaz was revered. Egyptians thought the Imperial topaz was the captured light of the Sun God, Ra. It was worn in amulets for protection from accident or attacks. Greeks and Romans also associated the golden crystals with their Sun God, Jupiter. They believed the stone increased their strength and could neutralize enchantments. African bushmen used topaz in healing ceremonies and rituals to connect with ancestral spirits. In medieval courts, kings and other nobility were often presented with an engraved topaz to win favor and cultivate positive relationships. Some beliefs held the stone could make you invisible during moments of danger.

Uses of Topaz
This gemstone helps you become more aware of your world and the power you have to bring about positive changes. It strengthens your confidence to make decisions that are correct for you and gives you the motivation you need to follow through with your choices. Working with topaz will help make your dreams a reality. Artists tend to be attracted to the stone because it promotes individual creativity. The crystal can be used as an energizer to help you get through a draining day. Carrying a stone during those times will help you stay mentally alert and protect you from unseen dangers.

Color Differences

The color of your crystal has some impact on the energies it can bring. Here are some additional properties you'll find in different topaz.

Clear Topaz: The stone of confidence, giving extra strength to creatively express yourself; helps stimulate natural gifts.

Blue Topaz
: Unites body, mind and spirit with the universe; works with your throat chakra allowing you to voice your desires and dreams into reality.

Imperial Topaz
: This is the stone that will help you see your goals through, never allowing your confidence to waver or your motivation to falter. Use the crystal for a quick charge when your energies are low. Stimulates the first three chakra, opens the crown.

Rose Topaz
: This crystal is great for balancing the energies associated with passion and power. For those quick to anger, carrying a rose topaz may help you temper and channel your anger into productive resolutions instead of fights. It serves to open the base chakra.

Healing with Topaz
The crystal is recommended for relief from asthma and digestive problems. It may help to improve stamina and help the body recover from inactivity. It should help with insomnia by warding off nightmares, unproductive thoughts and allowing you to relax. It may promote the healing of wounds, strengthen your back and spinal cord and possibly aid in weight loss by raising your metabolism.

Topaz in Modern Society

Topaz is the state gemstone of Texas and Utah.
Blue Topaz is recognized as a fourth anniversary gift
Imperial Topaz for the 23rd anniversary.
It is also one of the birthstones for November.

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