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The Concept of Pyramid as Energy Focuser

The pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the world, impress us with their extraordinary shape. But what is it that they really represent?   Man has always been fascinated about them, beginning with the scholar and finishing with the archaeologist.

Pyramid Power to Man

Why were pyramids built in the first place is a question that generates different opinions. There are those who think that they were built simply as a tombs - Egyptologists. But others - archaeologists from South America, consider that they were really used as Temples.

Some people who have been studying pyramids have stated that they believe that the pyramids are possible storehouses of energy. Most certainly, this is a theory and explanation that attracts more and more credibility. They say that man has known the beneficial effect of the pyramids from ancient times. This knowledge came as early as 6000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians have used the pyramids not only to preserve their dead ones but also to convert cosmic energy.

The pyramids have a specific geometry and this is one of their main characteristics. Even temple tops and church steeples are designed in the shape of a pyramid. But why the pyramid?

Recently scientists have focused their attention on this issue. It is really intriguing how flowers grow better and faster , how fruits and food products improve in taste and how dead animals do not decay for weeks within a pyramid. It is said that all forms of life placed in a pyramid structure, improve in performance behavior and appearance.

In the 1930s a Frenchman named Antoine Bovis found that a dead cat in the Great Pyramid did not decompose. Can cosmic energy be tapped to preserve meat, grow healthier plants, and do any of a hundred other wondrous things? Today we hear much about this subject, but it seems that few people take the time to perform controlled experiments to prove or disprove the existence of pyramid energy.

The idea that a simple geometric shape or drawing could generate an energy field seems absurd at the first glance. Well there are some scientists who say that it can be done and that it is really simple to do. They say that everything is energy, each form or shape generates its own unique energy or frequency that is appropriate for use in certain application. The pyramid form in fundamental to the universe. It is on of the five platonic solids from which all other geometry is generated.

The pyramid can be a powerful tool in our growth and awakening. Pyramids are now used by many people for various purposes. Those who have tried to see if pyramid shapes have special effects have observed that their sexual desires have improved; students also consider that their mental abilities are vastly improved by doing their homework or research in a pyramid.

Pyramid energy is also considered to sharpen razor blades, purify water, dehydrate flowers without losing their form or color, or to improve the taste of coffee, wines and certain fruit juices. Pyramid energy is also said to have transformed gold into an oily liquid over time. Objects in the shape of a pyramid are easy to build, can be made at home, using cardboard and masking tape, or if you really want to experiment, one can buy it from the internet, but no one can assure you that the objects that you are paying for will do the trick . There are persons who claim that they have obtained results and there are people who have written books about how to build a pyramid that can create some kind of energy.

The theory of pyramid power speculates that pyramids built with the dimension of Egypt`s Great Pyramid focuses energy when precisely aligned to the Earth`s north-south axis. The theory of pyramid power holds that the size of he pyramid and the material that it is made of are not important but what is important is the alignment and the dimensions. Even so, not all experiments using properly orientated pyramids have preserved organic matter.

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