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How a Numerological Reading Works

The symbolic analysis of the single digits and master numbers is the essence of a numerology reading. The Core, or heart of any numerology reading involves the personality portion of the analysis. Much of the critical information in a numerology report is derived from the four elements making up the Core. These four elements are the Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge and Birthday.

Life Path

The Life Path is the most important number in the Core - and certainly the most important number in a numerology report as well. If you could only use one number to describe a person, that number would be the Life Path.

The Life Path describes the major lessons to be learned in a person's life that can determine the central purpose of their life. The Life Path also defines the conditions that are most helpful to learn the lessons involved. It also delineates some of the major characteristics likely to exist in that person. Although a majority of people relate well to their Life Path, a few have little interest in pursuing that course. The Life Path is determined by calculating the sum of the month, day and year of birth.

The Life Path Number is actually divided into three separate areas of one's life. Founded on the date of birth, the first life path is correlated to the month of birth (2-digit month). The day of one's birth (2-digit day) is then linked to the second life path. And finally, the last life path number is based on the year of birth (4 digit year). The Life path number describes an individual for what and who he is.

Next, an individual's full birth name is used to further calculate one's numerology interpretation. Below is a list of the alphabet assigned to specific numeric values:

1 = A, J & S
2 = B, K & T
3 = C, L & U
4 = D, M & V
5 = E, N & W
6 = F, O & X
7 = G, P & Y
8 = H, Q & Z
9 = I & R

The Expression number describes the person's natural abilities and potentials, as well as their related character traits. For most of us, these talents and skills exist at birth, although they are usually further developed as an individual grows and matures. Most of the time these particular abilities form the central feature of an individual's work or career. The Expression is determined by calculating the sum of the number values of all the letters in the person's full birth name.

Soul Urge
The Soul Urge number describes a person's inner ambition - what a person wants to achieve, to have and to be, and the possible traits and obstacles which accompany that desire. The Soul Urge is significant in determining a person's beliefs and perspectives, and the values upon which he bases his actions. Although the Life Path and Expression are generally easy to spot in a person, the inner motivation is often a very personal matter. The Soul Urge is determined by calculating the sum of the number values of all the vowels in the full birth name.

The Birthday describes some important personality characteristics but it's the least important of the Core elements. It's simply the reduced form of the number of the day on which a person was born.

Other Important Modifiers in Numerological Readings

Other significant numerical influences are called moderators, named because they modify, or affect the Core elements. Although there are quite a few modifiers that one can investigate (such as Karmic Debts and Pinnacles), the modifier of most general interest is the Personal Year.

Personal Year

The Personal Year does not predict what will happen to a person during a year; it describes the influences with which they will be working. It also describes the possible opportunities and challenges that can come up during that time frame. Personal Years run in nine year cycles. The first year in the cycle is a One year, the second year a Two year, and so on. After the ninth year, a new One year starts the cycle all over again. The Personal Year is determined by calculating the sum of the month and day of birth with the current year.

A numerology reading using the birth date and birth name describes the person's basic personality as they would be seen at birth, and as they would be expected to mature. Even though other names may be used as one gets older, the characteristics of the birth name are likely to be strongly felt throughout their life.

Since the birth date is fixed, the elements and modifiers related to the birth date don't change during a person's lifetime. But what happens if your name changes by choice or situation? When names are altered, there can often be a significant change that occurs in a person's life and personality.

For instance, if your name will be changed by marriage, you can get some idea of how your life might change with the new name. Do readings using both names and see what you come up with - perhaps it will help you to decide what your married name should be.

Naming your children or a new business can also be done with numerological influences in mind. Readings can be done for families, groups of people working together, etc. to see what the dynamics of the whole might be. How about what kind of car to buy, when to travel, or the name of a city you're thinking of relocating to? Take the time to run the numbers and make notes on what you discover.

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