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Ghost Hunting

Ghost in WoodsGhost hunting has been ongoing since the late 1800s. Then, just as now, there has been deceit and confusion and many people today are trying to dispel the myths surrounding this field as well as coming up with new ideas, techniques and theories.  What do you see here?  Is it a ghost, or just a mass of turbulent air? Or could it just be a smudge on the camera?  Enjoy the exploration!

There is no special piece of equipment you need to be a ghost hunter. The list is simple and can be interchanged for anyone's personal needs.

Ghost hunting is merely theory and conjecture. Through the study of many different theories and scientific reports, we have derived the possibility of where ghosts come from. The bodies we wear are merely a shell for the energy we hold inside. We came from energy before we were born and we will return to energy when we die. This is simple physics as well as the circle of life.

Ghosts are made up of this energy. When we die, it is presumed that we have come from this energy and therefore, that is what we will return to. We dispose of this body that we have worn out so completely and the energy leaves it. Remember, ghosts were once people too. Upon death, they keep the same attitudes, personalities and emotions they had when they were alive. So, if you were aunhgappy, disgruntled person in life, you will be that as a ghost and if you were a happy, bright individual in life, you will be the same as a ghost.

Open Mind & Meditation

The first item on our list of necessities for ghost hunting is keeping an open mind. The best thing you can do for yourself every day besides the usual, is to meditate. Meditation is good for your body, mind and soul. It opens you up to what surrounds us every day. It allows your mind to breathe and to think. You are able to completely free yourself from all the stress and repetitive tasks you must undertake each day.

Meditation is also a great start for a ghost hunter. Keep an open mind and with it you will be able to feel, hear and possibly, see ghosts. Be sure to keep an open mind to the possibility that ghosts do exist. You want to be certain to keep the positive feelings and energy going. They will feel more welcome and you will feel better as well.

Flashlight Use for Ghost Hunting

It doesn't matter where you choose to do your ghost hunting, a flashlight is imperative. Night time is the best time for ghost hunting and you need to see where you are going. If you decide to enter a cemetery at night, besides getting permission first, you want to make sure you are not falling into the open grave that is to be used for someone in the future. You don't want to be tripping over sticks, logs, rocks or anything else and you don't want to twist your ankle in a smaller hole merely because you didn't see it. If you want to keep yourself in a bit more secrecy, you can get a flashlight with a red lens. This limits the light but still allows you to be able to see where you’re going.

Bring a Companion

You will want to have a companion. Never, ever go anywhere by yourself. If something happens to you, no one will know where you are going. It is a good idea to tell someone, anyone where you will be going for the night, then take a companion with you in case of accidents or other complications. Plus, a companion not only can validate and authenticate anything that happens to you but might also save your life.

Other Things to Bring With You

Cell Phone - With that companion, bring a cell phone and make sure you have service. Sometimes, even though you might have a good cellular plan, you won't get service in certain areas. Make sure you have the phone for those times you may find yourself lost or in trouble. Carry it somewhere that it won't fall out of your pocket or be destroyed if you fall and can be easily reached. If you get one that allows you take pictures or video, that’s even better and negates the need for a separate camera as listed below.

Whistle - Also, take a whistle. Although you may be in a secluded spot, having a whistle just may help you in times of necessity.

Camera - Take any camera. There should be no particular camera you take with you. It can be a still camera, videocamera, disposable camera, 35 mm camera. Be sure you know how to use it, take extra film and be sure to take at least two extra sets of batteries. When dealing with ghosts, sometimes they may need the energy from your camera or the batteries and you may find they drain quickly. It's not that they are bad batteries unless you have had them in your home for two years or so. Ghosts sometimes need energy to produce an outcome and this is one place where they may derive the energy from.

Writing Implements - A pad and pencil to mark down any unusual events, times, locations and perhaps a map of the area you are investigating is a good idea. Again, you are wanting to validate any paranormal activity.

Cassette Recorder - The last thing you may wish to consider is a cassette recorder for recording EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). You can use the recorder and "talk" to the ghosts and with any amount of luck, you may get them to talk back to you. Ask them questions or just talk to them and see if you get any response in return. Ghosts may be friendly or not. Remember, you could be bothering them too.

Safety Issues & Rules
Safety is important. You can’t do enough to make sure that you are safe when ghost hunting. Never put yourself in a position that would harm yourself, your companion or anyone else. Make sure anywhere you go that you have permission. If you don't obtain permission for anywhere you are investigating, you are trespassing. If you are caught you are going to have to explain to the authorities why you didn't get permission and possibly face time in jail. It also makes it more difficult if not impossible for any ghost hunters to be able to come behind you and gain permission. Be sure to follow the rules.

Planning the Expedition

Having equipment in hand and knowing how to use it, you may feel you are ready to begin your first ghost hunt. Decide where you will be going. Make sure you take the length of time it takes to get there into consideration. It would be wise to take a trip there and take preliminary pictures during the day time. You can use these for comparison if you capture something unusual or interesting on your film. Make a map of the area so you know where you will want to walk and also so you don't get lost. Not every place has a fence. Taking a trip to your decided-upon location is also a good idea so you can see what obstacles might be in your way during the day. Returning at night gives you an idea of what you will be confronted with.

The Ghost Hunt
Take lots of pictures. Talk to the ghosts that reside there. You can ask permission to take their picture. Some people do this as they feel it allows them to get pictures. It couldn't hurt and might help. Do the same when you are attempting to capture EVP. Be sure that if you take more than a few people that this is not a joke. You want to be respectful of the area and the ghosts resting there. You don't want to be playing on any graves or running around if you are in a cemetery. You don't want to be running around anywhere no matter where you are. Try to be quiet, be respectful. Remember to be mindful and think. Don't wander aimlessly like you don't know what you are doing. Pay attention. The best thing you can use is your mind.

You can have a great ghost hunt and perhaps get some great pictures if you just take your time and use some common sense. Ghost hunting is interesting and if you read up on the history of the site you are investigating, it can give you a good idea of just what took place on the ground you are standing on.

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How to See Ghosts

Ghost-Tulip StaircaseHave you ever seen a ghost? It’s not that uncommon and, contrary to what some people would have you believe, not particularly harmful to your mind, body or soul.

What we commonly think of as a “ghost” is most likely several different phenomenon, the impression of those who were in that space before physically, images from our own minds and the minds of others, beings from slightly different dimensions, and yes, sometimes, of course, the spirits of the dead.

About the Photo
Rev. Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from White Rock, British Columbia, took this now-famous photograph in 1966. He intended merely to photograph the elegant spiral staircase (known as the "Tulip Staircase") in the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. Upon development, however, the photo revealed a shrouded figure climbing the stairs, seeming to hold the railing with both hands. Experts, including some from Kodak, who examined the original negative concluded that it had not been tampered with. It's been said that unexplained figures have been seen on occasion in the vicinity of the staircase, and unexplained footsteps have also been heard.

Seeing Ghosts
There are several reasons to want to see such things and every person will have their own thoughts on exactly what it is that they are perceiving. It is often interesting to experience such things first hand and simple enough that most people can do so within a few hours. All that is needed is a willingness to do so and a confident attitude.

Whatever your feelings on such matters, it's important to address them honestly before starting to look for ghosts. Many people are more comfortable not knowing what is going on around them. Some get hit with unexpected fear of the unknown which can draw negative entities to them, in order to feed off of these energies. This is most often because of the dark images emplaced by some religious teachings in their early training.

Others seek to entrap or abuse powerful entities for there own, usually negative, ends. Such attempts almost always end badly for the people involved. Even on the rare occasion that the entity can be caused to do exactly what is desired, the cost is normally more than bargained for. Look for other, easier, ways of accomplishing your goals.

Seeing ghosts is a simple process, as is communicating with them. It does take a bit of sensitivity to your environment, but if you are willing to do the work, you will get good results. Many wonder how to find a ghost, once they learn to see them, but this is a point that seldom becomes important once the basic skill is learned. Ghosts and entities surround us all the time. It is a rare place that never has any activity in it of this nature! In general the best place to start looking for ghosts is not a haunted house or castle, but in your own home, which is certainly far more convenient than traipsing around cemeteries.

First we will wish to shield, for comfort and safety, second we will introduce the basic method of seeing ghosts, and third, the techniques used to communicate with them will be explored.

Safe Location

Find a room where you, or you and your friends if you wish, can sit comfortably and relax. Take a few minutes to clear your mind, but keep your eyes open. Darken the room, but leave at least a small light source, as it will make it easier to define what you are looking at in relationship to the room.


Imagine an egg shaped sphere around you. Hold in your mind the idea, the concept, of this shield keeping you safe from all intrusive energy that may be present. Feel secure in your shielding, it will protect you from harm. Maintain this field for several minutes, this will allow it to have enough strength to last if your attention waivers, which it probably will the first few times you see a ghost.

Seeing Ghosts

There are several techniques you can use to sense and perceive ghosts, use any that works for you, or be creative and create your own technique as you progress. These basic techniques will let almost everyone see ghosts within ten to fifteen minutes. Start here and experiment as you improve.

-- Hold your mind as free of thoughts as possible. Allow your eyes to defocus and your body to relax. Slow you eye movements and scan the room by moving your head. After a few moments you will notice parts of your visual field that you usually ignore, subtle things that are always their. As you pay attention to movement, flashes of light or color, or even a “sense” of presence, keep your eyes relaxed.

-- Alternatively you can “see” most of the same things with your eyes closed. This is likely because the ability to see ghosts is not a visual process but one that overlaps the visual field in the brain. It seems visual, but that is just because of the way the mind interprets data. Close you eyes and keep your mind as clear as possible. Focus your attention ahead of you, much as if you were looking with your physical eyes. This helps most people concentrate, as it is a part of their normal functioning patterns. After a few moments you will likely notice movement in the room around you. It is not uncommon to be able to sense the room and the people in it, in a fashion that leaves ghostly images in your mind.
By moving your head slowly from side to side you will be able to sense anything in the room that is holding still as well. Experience will show that movement is part of this basic sense. Either in what you are looking at or in yourself.

With a bit of practice with either or both methods you will begin to notice forms moving through the space you are looking at. Some will ignore you no matter what you do, but many take your attention as a sign that they should try to interact with you! If you respond in a kind and gentle manner, you will find that you can open up communication with some of them.

Communicating with Ghosts
Ghosts will often try to communicate in several ways, they will gesture, mouth words, generated words using ambient sounds and communicate on a telepathic level. By paying attention to what they do and say you can often get very clear pictures of what it is they wish to tell you. It takes no special skill, being more like talking with a small child that does not speak yet, but will manage to make their need known regardless, than some supernatural ability.

If you keep you mind very clear, you will be able to pick up the impressions that the ghosts or entity is trying to send you. Remember that even though some entities will try to frighten you, they have no real power over you. In fact you are far more powerful, having a body to generate useful energy to perform the task at hand, as well as having the ability to use environmental energy like they do. Don’t let them intimidate you. This is the main reason for being well shielded at the beginning of this adventure. Not so much for protection, as you mainly won’t need it, but to prevent fear from entering you mind.

Most ghosts have simple messages they wish to share. They do not have, generally speaking, the complexity we see in living people.

To send a message that they can understand, simply hold the concept, the impression, you wish them to receive, in your mind. Given a clear and focused impression, they will likely come to understand you in just a few moments.

After a few days of regular practice communicating with ghosts, hundreds or even thousands may appear, all vying for your attention This can seem overwhelming at first. Remember though, that you can shield your person or home to keep them out, even specific rooms in your house, such as the bathroom, or you can simply ignore them. And, if you do ignore them, then they will rapidly seek entertainment elsewhere. Give them no attention for a week and all but the most dedicated will be gone.

You can often get away with speaking to one or two without drawing the huge crowds, but much more than that may call more of them to your location than you so wish. With a little work, you can experience many of the same things that the top mediums have reported through the ages, in a safe and non-threatening way.

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Haunted Skull of Burton Agnes Hall

Great Hall - Burton AgnesVarious owners of the Great Hall of Burton Agnes, Humberside, England, have found that a house can still be haunted by a skull of an occupant who lived there 300 years ago.

Centuries ago the property was in the possession of Ann Griffith and her two sisters. The three sisters lavished vast amounts of money on the buildings and grounds. Anne, the youngest of the three was known to be particularly fond of her home and obsessed with the work that still needed to be done to bring it up to her high standards.

Sadly, one day after visiting friends the young woman was attacked, robbed and left for dead. She was found later barely alive and carried to her beloved home Burton Agnes Hall. Despite the best care she died a few days later of her terrible injuries. However, before she died she had made a rather grisly demand of her sisters -- that her head be preserved in the walls of the house.  She added that if they did not grant her this dying wish that she would do everything she could to break free from her grave and return to haunt them and the house.

Her sisters agreed to her odd request but after she died they considered it just too hideous and buried her complete body in the family vaults.

Within a few days they had reason to regret this decision as crashing noises began to be heard for which there was no humanly explaination. One night the whole house was awakened by doors slamming everywhere throughout the building. Night after night, groans echoed through the corridors and finally, the sisters decided to agree to the request their younger sister had made.  Anne's corpse was exhumed and oddly, it was found to be in perfect condition expect for the head which had been reduced to a skull.

The skull was taken into the house and the disturbances ended immediately. Some years later, however, a servant threw Anne's skull into a passing cart as a prank, but the horse immediately stopped and stood sweating in terror. It was only when the owner of the cart returned the skull to the house, that the horse calmed and was able to carry on its journey.

Over the years, owners of the house have tried to bury the skull in the garden but such bad luck has followed that they have brought it back in.

The skull of Anne Griffith is now built in behind a carved screen in the Great Hall, and a portrait of her hangs on the staircase looking down on the house she loved so much she could not bear to leave it - even in death.

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Haunted Rock Stars

Perhaps it's their creative and artistic temperament that makes musicians more sensitive to the paranormal spirit world as many of them have proclaimed to seeing ghosts and having encounters with strange phenomena for which they can find no logical explanation.

A Haunted Mansion?

World wide rock/pop superstar Sting and his wife Trudie Styler fled their luxury London mansion in terror after living there only 18 months. Apparently the house was haunted by a woman and child, when she was sighted the room would go icy cold. Matters turned really sinister however when a carving knife was thrown so hard in their kitchen by unseen hands that it embedded itself in a far wall.  Sting was reported to have said at the time -- "I'm absolutely terrified. I now believe there are things out there but I have no explanation for them."

John Lennon's Ghost
A ghost that has a busy haunting schedule would appear to be the spirit of John Lennon. Two famous musicians both claim to have seen or sensed the spirit of the late Lennon around them.

Oasis singer, Liam Gallagher, said he encountered the dead star whilst staying at friend's house in Manchester. He says "I was at mate's house having a sleep. I remember getting up and feeling really weird. I turned around and I sort of fell back into my body. There was definitely a strange presence there and I know it was him, John Lennon."

Paul McCartney, ex-Beatle, says along with the late George Harrison & Ringo Star that they used to sense the playful spirit of John Lennon when they were recording Lennon's song as 'Free As A Bird'. He added that "there were lots of odd occurrences in the studio whilst recording - noises that shouldn't have been there and equipment going haywire. There was just an overall feeling that John was around."

Other Hauntings

Belinda Carlisle reports that she once saw a 'misty shape' hovering over her as she lay in bed one night. She also claims that when she was only 17, she had a strange out of body experience whilst staying at her parents home. She levitated completely out of her bed!

Rock/pop star Robbie Williams used to live at Whithurst Hall, West Sussex, in the UK . The mansion that had cost him $7 million had once belonged to former Beatle Ringo Star. Soon after moving in he began to see the ghost of an old woman sitting in a chair. The place also had several other resident spooks and a reputation amongst the local community for being somewhere it is better not to venture to after dark. Robbie despite declaring a strong interest in the paranormal did not own the property for too long!

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Electronic Voice Phenomena: Talking to Ghosts

EVP soundwaveElectronic Voice Phenomena, also known as EVP, is a way to communicate with spirits. It is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on a recording tape, in radio station noise and other electronic media.

The Fox sisters were the first persons who attempted the earliest form of spirit communication called spirit rapping. That was in 1848. It has been said that also Thomas Alva Edison was working on an EVP device and he believed that it might be possible to capture disembodied voices with a machine. He thought that if spirits could be captured on film, they could be reached electronically.

The main idea is that spirits might have an easier time manipulating white, chaotic noise to some order rather than being able to move objects around.

Over the years, scientists and other persons have attempted experiments with dual-reel tape recorders that were very big and bulky. For whatever reason, they did not get the results they wanted.

Today, with a variety of updated and improved electronic equipment at our disposal, there might be an easier, more effective way to communicate with ghosts. EVP voices are not heard during the recording, only on playback. Sometimes amplification and noise filtering is required to hear the voices. Usually, spirits “speak” in short, cryptic and sometimes grammatically incorrect phrases. Sometimes the voices sound natural and sometimes they sound mechanical. Sometimes just one or two voices are heard, and at other times, a multitude of them can be heard.

There are still tape recorders running the micro cassettes or standard tapes. It is believed by some that you will get a better sound quality with a digital recorder and have the ability to download it to your computer as well.

There are various ways to attempt to record EVP voices. You can turn a recorder on and leave it running but some serious researchers employ sensitive microphones, amplifiers and high quality tape. Others ask questions and leave a tape running to capture answers that are inaudible during taping, but audible on playback.

Some EVP messages are exceptionally clear and loud and sometimes the words seem to be in a sing- song or melodic pattern.

Researchers categorize the quality of EVP messages as follows:

Class A -- easily understood by almost anyone and it is also usually the loudest and clearest EVP. Usually only this category of voice signals are captured by the beginner.

Class B -- characterized by warping of the voice in certain syllables. It is the most common type of EVP.

Class C -- characterized by excessive warping. They are the lowest in volume. Sometimes they are hard to understand.

EVP has been around for years and we are only now beginning to really understand how it works. We can say that EVP is the voice of the dead. It is thought that ghosts surround us every day and that they can be anywhere. They may show up in order to console, guide and watch over their loved ones or to communicate a specific message. They want to be acknowledged and will go to different lengths to get that attention. If you want to talk to the ghost you could try any type of recorder. You need to keep working at it to get a response. Talk to the ghosts wherever you are trying to get EVP, ask them to talk to you. Be considerate and respectful. You will find that ghosts will begin to talk to you and may give you messages if you want them to.

The best aspect of EVP is that the voices sometimes respond directly to the persons making the recording. The quality, volume and durations of recordings are said to be increased by using a sound source placed within audible distance of the microphone during recording. They are rarely simple messages but often are fragments and sounds that require hours of listening to understand. “Ghost hunters” believe that simply leaving a tape recorder running and walking away from it is enough to prove that there are real ghosts recorded on their tapes. The interpretation of such recordings may differ from listener to listener; some listeners may hear nothing at all, while others report hearing specific phrases or sentences.

One of the really nice things about EVP is that anyone can attempt it and also it is a fascinating, mysterious phenomenon.

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